Eagleye QRD/Quality Report Designer



Eagleye QRD automatically verifies and reports on the conformance of the data received from the furnaces to the desired quality cards, including AMS2750, CQI-9, and NADCAP. Process data can be imported from a table, received directly from the field, or linked to an enterprise resource planning system. In this manner, you can evaluate your process and conduct checks that would normally take hours in mere seconds. The quality reports and results are emailed to you following the simultaneous inspection of dozens of machines operating in your facility from a central location. In addition to the procedure being shortened, the risk of making errors is eliminated.


In the automotive, aerospace, and aviation industries, heat treatment procedures of high-quality materials are governed by standards such as AMS 2750 and CQI-9. After determining these standards, industry-specific requirements for thermal treatment were defined to ensure the processes adhered to stricter regulations. These standards provide a synopsis of the applicable requirements for heat treatment facilities.


Eagleye QRDR automatically checks and reports whether the data received from the furnaces meet the relevant standards according to the required quality cards. Process data can be loaded from a table, taken directly from the field or connected to an ERP system. In this way, you can perform your controls in seconds, which may take hours, and evaluate your process. After checking dozens of machines working in your facility from a single point at the same time, the quality reports and results are shared with you by e-mail. In addition to shortening the process, the risk of making mistakes is eliminated.


✓ AMS 2750 and CQI-9 compliant
✓ Simple administration and use
✓ The most effective and quickest solution
✓ ERP integration
✓ Paperless use
✓ Dependable and accurate quality control
✓ Transfer of data automatically
✓ User-defined reference cards