Eagleye DEW(Portable Dewpoint Analyzer)

Eagleye DEW

(Portable Dewpoint Analyzer)

The dew point analyzer, which is programmed to detect the indoor humidity and carbon content of the furnaces used in the heat treatment processes in the industry, has been designed with more user convenience in mind, unlike the existing devices. Two main benefits of the device in heat treatment processes;

• humidity; It is not desired during the process in the furnace so that the material does not corrode, that is, scaling, but in some applications, a controlled surface oxidation is desired,
• carbon; is a must for atmosphere controlled furnaces and needs to be kept in the furnace interior at a certain rate and affects the abrasion resistance of the material, It enables us to analyze the conditions of parameters such as humidity and carbon in the furnace.
dew image
dew image

3.5" Color Touch Screen

Eagleye DEW Specifications

• Built for industrial environments.
• 480 x 320 screen resolution
• Field of view: 73.44mm(L) x 48.96mm(W)
• 32MB internal memory
• Developed with Arduino Uno R3.
• A calibration certified dew point sensor was used.
• 12V 4.5Ah power supply
• Long life rechargeable battery

Eagleye DEW Features

• It is designed for use in heat treatment applications. The %C value calculated with the entered process temperature provides cross control for oxygen probe systems.
• Direct read-out digital display of the process dewpoint
• Oven atmosphere measurement in accordance with CQI 9
• Short response times even when moving between high and low dew point process
• Easy to use, operator training in minutes
• Calibration certificate supplied with factory calibration
• ±1°C (±1.8°F) temperature dependent accuracy
• -30 … + 30 °C (-22 … + 86 °F) operating range
dew image