Industrial Furnaces and Endogas Generators: Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Atmosphere Controlled Batch Type Hardening Furnace

✓ Normal operating temperature 790-940 °C; maximum operating temperature 950 °C

✓ Outstanding temperature & atmospheric uniformity +-5 °C

✓ Option for gas or electric heating

✓ Efficient combustion system that reduces costs and energy consumption

✓ Circulation fans with air-conditioning

✓ Automatic loading system for loading, oil reservoir, and system for unloading

✓ High capacity (1:9) and air-cooled oil tank for uniform cooling and high-quality components

✓ Highly efficient oil cooling tank system with variable speed

✓ Heating chamber with a masonry structure

✓ Modular design (>98%) to minimize maintenance and maximize utilization time (Ex: 5-year chain life)

✓ Various quench systems (oil, polymer, air or salt)

Endogas Generator

✓ EndoGas output capacities ranging from 100m3/h (1,800 CFH) to 300 m3/h (13,500CFH)

✓ EndoInjector Mixing system of superior quality, VFD-controlled mixer pump

✓ Automatic Air/Gas Mixture Modification

✓ Highly efficient operation with automatic production control based on consumption

✓ High-efficiency heat exchanger with air-cooling

✓ Dependable pressure regulation

✓ S type thermocouple, precise temperature regulation

✓ 10.4" 'Touch' LCD color display

✓ Pre-calibrated and thoroughly examined curves

✓ High productivity

Continuous Mesh Belt Furnace

✓ Efficient combustion system that reduces costs and energy consumption

✓ Separated heating and zone control

✓ Dual probe %C system control

✓ Curtain made of oil that prevents fumes from entering the furnace

✓ Modular design to minimize maintenance and maximize availability (>98%)

✓ Durable and leak-proof band system placed outside the furnace

✓ Option for gas, electric, or hybrid heating

✓ Tension regulated propulsion system

✓ Tubes with a large diameter and type I

✓ Circulation fans with air-conditioning

✓ An assortment of automatic delivery systems (optional)

✓ Systems for pre- and post-cleaning

✓ Air-cooled, high-capacity (1:9) quench vessel for uniformly cooled, high-quality parts

✓ Diverse quench methods (oil, polymer, oxygen, or salt).