Eagleye PHT(Portable Heat Treatment)

As a result of the importance we give to R&D, Eagleye PHT, produced with the support of TUBITAK and developed with the support of KOSGEB, is always by your side with its solutions suitable for your processes.

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According to control type; Eagleye PHT can be produced in 3 different models: with temperature control device, with operator panel and with industrial computer. While our model with temperature control device can keep a maximum of 100 programs in its memory, this number is unlimited in our models with operator panel and industrial computer.

• The security class of all our models is IP 44.
• All our models can supply 30V and 60V output voltage.
• Ammeters are integrated into the system in order to monitor the current passing through each channel.
• All our models are designed to be used automatically and manually.
• In our industrial computer model, we have a wireless button option that allows remote control.


Eagleye PHT has been developed by 3E Industrial Engineering experts to meet the increasing demands of our customers who want to carry out high precision heat treatment and preheat studies but do not want to deal with complex programs. Eagleye PHT, which requires no experience to use and does not compromise on quality while being developed, offers an unique price / performance ratio.

pht image
pht image


Working in integration with Eagleye PHT, the paper recording device offers follow-up opportunity to our customers who want to keep the control level at the highest level in cases where sensitive transactions are desired. Via the paper recording device, the measurement results of each channel can be monitored at any time, and risk situations can be intervened with minimum loss. All measured temperature values can be transferred to the paper via the recorder, as well as digitally data transfer via USB.


While designing Eagleye PHT, human and nature factors have been taken into consideration. Necessary measures have been taken against any risk factor that may arise from mechanical or electrical reasons and all tests have been carried out.

• Transformer operating temperature is kept under control and the machine protects itself against overheating.
• High-speed fans are used to keep the internal operating temperature of the machine within the desired values.
• The machine is protected with fuses against the possibility of connecting the ceramic resistors too much and incorrectly.
• The system protects itself against malfunctions that may occur in the thermocouple and gives a warning.
• The machine gives warning against malfunctions in the heating system (cable break, fuse blow, contactor burning).
• System energy is turned off with the emergency stop button in order to ensure machine safety in risky situations.
pht image
pht image


• In the production of pressure vessels,
• Petrochemical and refinery industry,
• In the production of power plants,
• At critical points of nuclear power plants,
• In the tank industry,
• In the pipe industry,
• Automotive supplier industry,
• In power plants,
• It is used in steels and heavy metal industry.