About US/About 3E Industrial Engineering

Industry leader in software automation

Your Business Partner for SCADA Designer Who Leader in Outomation Sector through ERP, Automation & Project, Special Software Solutions, Industrial Furnaces, Endogas Generator, and Heat Treatment Equipment.

What We Do?

Our company was founded in 2005 to provide superior service in the industrial automation and software industries. We derived our company's name from the initial letters of "Expert", "Exclusive", and "Engineering". Since we began operations, we have successfully completed initiatives in various regions of the globe.

Our Mission

With our globally innovative and differentiating projects, we seek to maximize the potential of all of our clients by providing them with quality, efficiency, and efficacy advantages and by contributing to their sustainable technological adaptation processes.

Our Vision

To be a leading technology company that provides consumers with superior value through high-quality, cutting-edge technology solutions developed with a focus on sector and social benefit.

Our Values

✓ Customer-focused Approach
✓ Continuous Improvement
✓ High Quality
✓ Respect for Humanity
✓ Respect for the Environment
✓ Community Development


✓ We value sincerity and dependability
✓ We provide customers with the most advanced technology available
✓ We always follow innovations
✓ We always prioritize quality
✓ We respect the opinions and rights of all our stakeholders
✓ We care about the environment
✓ We support the development of our country
✓ We carry out our activities in accordance with ethical principles