Sistem Teknik, Europe's leading oven manufacturer
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  • Sistem Teknik, which was established in Ankara in 1979, started its activities in 2009 in its new, extremely modern factory in Taysad Organized Industrial Zone. The factory, which has a closed production area of 8000m2, produces solutions for your furnace needs especially for the automotive and steel sector with its expert 110-person staff.

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-Vacuum Furnaces
-Gas Carbide Furnaces
-Fire Test Furnaces
-Roll-Based Furnaces
-Walking Base Furnaces
-Belt Conveyor Furnaces
-Push Type Furnaces
-Cart Based Furnaces
-Chamber Type Furnaces
-Bell and Well Type Furnaces
-Leaf Spring Production Furnaces
-Continuous Heat Treatment Plants
-Carbon Regeneration Furnaces
-Clutch Diaphragm Spring Heat Treatment Plan