Licensing/EagleyeRSD Software

Permanent Licensing

3E offers licensing model for Eagleye RSD (Runtime Scada Designer) software, once purchased and used permanently. 1-year support package is included in the license fee to improve customers' work and use of the software. Permanent license can be ordered via mail. For license fees, the price catalog check.

Purchase Methods

Purchase methods may vary depending on your geographic location. Please follow the methods below according to your location.

For Turkey

1. Determine the code of the product you want to buy from the price list.

    2. Transfer the price of the product you want to buy to the account below.
  • 3E Endüstriyel Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.Şti
    QNB Finansbank
    "TR43 0011 1000 0000 0049 2079 31"

    3. Send the payment receipt to "[email protected]" with the code of the products you want to order.

    4. Create the security code by entering the activation number that will be sent to your e-mail address in the activation field in the demo software. Resend this code by replying to the same email.

    5. When all transactions are complete, your license number will be emailed to you. You can start using your software by entering this code in the license section of the demo software.

For Abroad


TR43 0011 1000 0000 0049 2079 31 (TL)
TR31 0011 1000 0000 0063 5222 43 (EUR)