When you purchase the EagleyeRSD program and install the relevant .exe file, you can start your usage with this License Manager page opened. If you want to continue with the demo version firstly, you can check the 'use demo version' option. But, the demo version is for about 4 hours usage.

rsd license image

When you continue with the Activate license code option, you will need to enter the necessary codes. You can provide the first code to be entered by contacting us. Paste the code you received from us in the place shown in the picture.

rsd license image

In order to continue with the code you have received from us, when you click the 'Create pre-license code' button indicated in the picture, a code will be created in the next place.

rsd license image

In order to continue, you have to contact us and send us the code created. Then we'll give you a new code. To activate that code, paste it in the next place indicated in the picture. You can complete the license process by pressing the Activate button.

rsd license image

When the license code settings are finished, the application page is expected to be opened. The programme is now ready to use.

rsd license image

After negotiating with us about any product, the purchase is made with the following account iban numbers.

TL TR43 0011 1000 0000 0049 2079 31

EUR TR31 0011 1000 0000 0063 5222 43

USD TR45 0011 1000 0000 0067 3629 97


This code is only required when we issue a foreign currency invoice to any company in EUR and USD invoices and when we are paid.